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An encounter between modernity and excellence. A new concept. A landmark in the northern region of Portugal. A remarkable project that gives the mouth of the Douro River with an elegant marina which will be a reference for art lovers to browse.

Situated in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and launching of an innovative concept that reflects the importance of sport, leisure, wellbeing and profound respect for nature, the Douro Marina is much more than a recreational port.

With a privileged location in Vila Nova de Gaia, the marina port and margins lurks celebrates the two cities, while highlighting the natural beauty of this fascinating tourist destination.

Within walking distance of the famous da Ribeira de Gaia and from the historic centre of Porto, dock, which ensures all international safety and comfort requirements, has the capacity to receive and accommodate, 300 boats, with up to 50 metres. Designed to respond to all the needs of its visitors, the marina has a gas station, a workshop for maintenance and repair of boats, a ramp varadouro for input and output equipment and a suction system of the Blackwater and oily skin types of boats. A travel-lift with a capacity of 50 tons and a marina with hoist capacity of 3 tons will also be available to users. The marina, which offers exclusive services, there is a group of specialized professionals whose mission is to ensure the comfort and convenience of visitors.

More than a simple visit, an unforgettable experience.

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